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Newsletters 17th July 2016 2044

Welcome to the PC PAL Newsletter - July 2016



Many thanks for the positive feedback about last month’s newsletter on “Tech News, Rumours, and Announcements”.  This month we are dedicating our newsletter to Microsoft's latest operating system - Windows 10.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were installing Windows 10 on a test system and preparing for its initial release. We have been surprised at how well Windows 10 has been adopted with tech giant Valve releasing figures stating that 45% of computers on their network are now using Windows 10.

This is not surprising with Microsoft offering Windows 10 as a free upgrade for all Windows 7 and 8 customers.  However, that generosity has felt a little like being forced fed considering Microsoft’s aggressive marketing of Windows 10.

In this Newsletter, we are going to look at the highs and the lows of Windows 10, give our final thoughts on Windows 10 and remind our customers that there is still time left if they wish to upgrade.

As always, we hope you enjoy this newsletter and find it informative. If you would like to satisfy your need for more tech news, please look no further than our blog: www.pcpal.co.uk/blog

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Why You Should Consider Windows 10


Windows 10’s Bumpy Start

As we previously mentioned in the introduction it has been a bumpy ride for Windows 10.  We'd like to reassure our customers that these issues have either been fixed already by Microsoft or solutions have been made available to implement.

Annoying Upgrade Notifications

At the start of 2015, Microsoft released a series of updates which allowed Windows 7 and 8 customers to register their interest in a free windows 10 upgrade.  These updates prompted a notification and pop-ups that some users found annoying, to say the least.

Microsoft Automatically Upgraded Systems

Microsoft then took the decision of adding Windows 10 as a recommended update.  This meant computers all around the world would download and schedule the Windows 10 upgrade.  Microsoft did notify users but didn’t make it clear on how to stop the upgrade from happening.  As a result, people literally started waking up to find Windows 10 on their system.  Some customers embraced the new system while other wanted to go back to their previous version of Windows.

Start and Cortana Had Critical Errors

A lot of our Windows 8 customers were very keen to upgrade to Windows 10 as it returned the faithful start menu which was missing in Windows 8 and 8.1.  However, some customers weren't amused when their start menu suddenly stopped working, giving them a critical error.  This issue was unfortunately very common and there were many reasons why it occurred.

Our engineers were able to fix this issue and Microsoft did respond by releasing a series of updates including a huge update called Threshold 1 which has stopped this issue from occurring.

Printers Went Missing

Windows 10 had to remove the printer drivers in order to upgrade the system, therefore some customers noticed that they couldn’t print after the upgrade.    Windows was supposed to reinstall those drivers automatically at a later date.  However on some machines, the printers did re-appear automatically but on others needed to be re-installed manually.

Compatibility Issues

We have seen a lot of customers where upgrading to Windows 10 was not possible due to compatibility reasons.  We saw issues early on with security software causing problems and there have also been issues with older machines not being compatible as well.  Windows does notify users if there are any compatibility issues found before upgrading but it’s not clear how reliable this is.


It’s Not All Been Bad News

Although is been a bumpy start for Windows 10 it's worth mentioning that most of the issues above have been addressed by Microsoft.  We have always tried to have a balanced view with our newsletters so we thought it would be worth talking about the positives points of Windows 10.

Threshold 1 – The Big Fix

Like all the previous Windows operating systems they have always got better with age.  Windows Vista and Windows 7 had issues before Service Pack 1 was released. Windows 8 was terrible before 8.1 and Threshold 1 was the big update that Windows 10 needed. Threshold 1 fixed the Start menu critical error and made the system more reliable in general.

The Return of the Start Menu

Probably the most welcomed feature of Windows 10.  Not only does the start menu bring back familiarity but it also makes the system look more modern.  It also bridges the gap between computer, tablet and phone by making Windows 10 feel consistent between those devices.

Improved Performance

Windows 10 has inherited a lot of performance features from Windows 8.  This can be a massive improvement for users upgrading from Windows 7 which currently does not benefit from these improvements.  One feature in general that has made a big different is called “Hybrid Boot” which is a mixture of shutdown and hibernation which delivers a much faster boot up speed.

Increased Support

Support in the form of Windows updates for Windows 10 is scheduled to end in 2025, this is another big advantage for users upgrading from Windows 7 where the support will end in 2020.  By upgrading your system to Windows 10 you prolong the potential life of your system by 5 years.  This is assuming that you don’t replace your system or your system doesn’t develop a fault in between that time.


There's Still Time Left to Upgrade

As mentioned previously there are certainly some positives for upgrading to Windows 10. The only downside we can see is a small learning curve on upgrading to a newer Windows system but this is something that our engineers are very proficient in helping our customers with.

However if you are happy with the current speed and set-up of your system and you’re not planning on keeping your system past 2020 then we would advise staying on the current operating system you are using. It’s also worth pointing out that you will still receive security updates up until this date.
For those who are tempted please look at the point below:

Microsoft’s Final Reminder

Microsoft has recently released an update for Windows 7 and 8 systems which remind customers about windows 10. This is Microsoft’s last ditch effort on persuading you the customer to upgrade to Windows 10 by showing you a full-screen message explaining that your system is entitled to a free upgrade to Windows 10 and this offer expires on 29th July 2016.

30 Days to Change Your Mind

During the upgrade process, Windows keeps a backup of your older system which we can use as a restore point. This allows users to try Windows 10 and gives the option to restore their system if they do run into any issues or don’t like the new interface.

Backup Your System

If you are planning on upgrading to Windows 10, PC PAL would always recommend that you create a backup of any important data including documents, music, emails and pictures. Please contact your PC PAL engineer if you need help with this.

PC PAL is always here to assist with your upgrade

It’s a fair comment that over the past year our PC PAL engineers have been upgrading quite a few systems to Windows 10. In this time we have seen many common problems but more importantly, we have the ability to resolve them.

If you do have any questions at all in regards to upgrading to Windows 10 or anything else, we are always a click or call away.


PC PAL is the UK's award winning Computer, Laptop, Mac & Smartphone support specialists, with experienced, qualified & local Computer Engineers based in your area. We are a name that local people have come to recognise and trust.

Please take a moment to read our feedback from our loyal customers, or find your local PC PAL Engineer.

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