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  • 2623rd June 2017New App Claims To Be A Wake-Up Call For Sleepy DriversNew App Claims To Be A Wake-Up Call For Sleepy Drivers A new app is on its way that claims to be a step forward in the quest to spot when a driver is nodding off at the wheel and to improve upon existing apps in the market such as Drowsy Driver and Open eyes....... Read More
  • 10219th June 2017New Phone May Well Be EssentialNew Phone May Well Be Essential Ordinarily, it an outfit announced that it was about to launch a new high end Android phone to take on Samsung, LG, Motorola etc, one might just yawn and ask why. The market is stuffed full of good choices already. However, understand that thi... Read More
  • 1319th June 2017Apps To Help You Go With The Flow Over The SummerApps To Help You Go With The Flow Over The Summer June is here, the three peak summer months have begun. Trips to the seaside, in the UK or abroad, are being planned. Beach mats, surfboards, buckets and spades are coming out of the loft and, oh yes, there are apps to downloa... Read More
  • 1808th June 2017Cartoon Character Is No Fun On Your PhoneCartoon Character Is No Fun On Your Phone Do not let Judy anywhere near your Android phone or tablet. That was a warning that emerged this week. It accompanied news that as many 36 million phones might have been infected with the latest malware to be discovered lurking in An... Read More
  • 20026th May 2017Uber’s Trailblazing Role In Reducing Traffic CongestionUber’s Trailblazing Role In Reducing Traffic Congestion Who would have thought that Uber would be acknowledges for trailblazing in reduction of traffic congestion and the boosting of local economies? A research team at Arizona State University published a report six months... Read More
  • 29519th May 2017Ransomware Sends Clear Message: Take Steps To Stop HackersRansomware Sends Clear Message: Take Steps To Stop Hackers Well, what a week. If anyone did not know what ransomware was, they do now. Not to mention that the infection hit some very big name organisations, including Fedex in the US, Telefonica in Spain, Hitachi in Japan and... Read More
  • 31412th May 2017Facebook Acts On ‘Fake News’Facebook Acts On ‘Fake News’ News about the internet this week appears to have been dominated by the way news is consumed through the net itself. There is increasing concern at the levels of what has come to be called ‘fake news’ and the challenge of discriminating b... Read More
  • 3848th May 2017Fraud Warning On Holiday BookingsFraud Warning On Holiday Bookings As holiday season gets into full swing, late bookers may still be considering where to find their dose of summer R&R. Those planning to book privately-owned villas, cottages, flats or apartments should keep the risk of fraud at the front... Read More
  • 36528th April 2017Fingerprint May Not Be Password To Secure FutureFingerprint May Not Be Password To Secure Future You would have thought that fingerprint security, as supplied with a number of current smartphone models, was a pretty good option for keeping your information locked away from prying eyes and your accounts safe from abuse. Re... Read More
  • 31728th April 2017App You’ll Be ‘Appy With And Another You Won’t!App You’ll Be ‘Appy With And Another You Won’t! There are Apps that turn out to be surprisingly useful and those that promise much but are unremittingly awful. Two recent releases illustrate each of these characteristics well. First the stinker, heralded loudly by Goog... Read More

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