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  • 8220th October 2017New Law May Have A Surprise In StoreNew Law May Have A Surprise In Store Despite Brexit and all that, new European law on data protection law hits the UK next May and it closes several loopholes that have had an impact on us as consumers. It does, however, place far greater demands upon those who hold informat... Read More
  • 13113th October 2017Smart Crossings for Pedestrians Need To All Behave The SameSmart Crossings for Pedestrians Need To All Behave The Same Zebra crossings were surely one of the least likely things to feature in this column. Yet, here we are with ‘smart pedestrian crossings.’ Back in 2014, at a notorious black spot in Badajoz, Western Spain, LEDs w... Read More
  • 1596th October 2017Phones To Track Phones Yields Wealth Of DataPhones To Track Phones Yields Wealth Of Data Transport for London (TFL) provides wifi at almost all underground stations and has just published a very interesting report. This reviewed its pilot project to collect and analyse connections made to 1,070 wifi access points at 5... Read More
  • 17029th September 2017Assess The Options For Home SecurityAssess The Options For Home Security As cold weather and darker nights loom nearer and there are fewer eyes and ears about in the neighbourhood, it may be time to review home security. The good news is that the marketplace is buoyant with an increasingly wide range of hi-tec... Read More
  • 15127th September 2017Latest iPhone Is Not A Gr8 Step Up On The Old ModelLatest iPhone Is Not A Gr8 Step Up On The Old Model By the time you read this, the queues at Apple’s doors to snap an iPhone 8 will be imminent or maybe even already dispersed. There is a feeling in the market, though, that they may be shorter than usual. This is partly be... Read More
  • 17927th September 2017‘Do Not Disturb’ Mode Could Cause Problems‘Do Not Disturb’ Mode Could Cause Problems Apple’s latest iPhone operating system upgrade, IOS11, is expected to be expected to be released next week. With it comes the much heralded ‘Do Not Disturb Whilst Driving’ mode, intended to block incoming calls, texts, and... Read More
  • 26927th September 2017Drone Will Double As Flying BillboardDrone Will Double As Flying Billboard Given the success of aeroplanes trailing advertising banners, it was perhaps inevitable that someone would invent a drone that could double as a flying billboard. The Japanese telecoms giant NTT Docomo has done just that by encapsulating... Read More
  • 14327th September 2017Experts Are Strictly OLED FansExperts Are Strictly OLED Fans Planning to invest in a big new telly in time for the darker evenings and the Strictly and Bake Off seasons? If so, you may need to know the difference between QLED and OLED! One small stroke on the first letter separates them on paper, but tec... Read More
  • 16827th September 2017Heads-UP On HUD: It’s Not Top Gun!Heads-UP On HUD: It’s Not Top Gun! The head-up display, or HUD, is finally becoming available to the motorist. However, it is unlikely to give a driver that feeling of emulating a Top Gun aviator. It was the classic movie that brought HUD technology to life for many, the p... Read More
  • 30818th August 2017How Secure Is Free Wifi At Your Hotel?How Secure Is Free Wifi At Your Hotel?  Staying over at a hotel soon and using its free Wifi? Then watch out, your information is at risk. Cyber security specialists, FireEye, published a blog last week claiming that APT28, a Russian hacking group is now targeting and penet... Read More

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