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  • 5323rd April 2018New Cat Phone Is One For Hard HatsNew Cat Phone Is One For Hard Hats  Unless you work in construction, agriculture or heavy industry, there is a good chance of not being aware that Caterpillar, the giant of heavy duty tractor and truck manufacture, also makes mobile phones. They entered the market in 2013 a... Read More
  • 3623rd April 2018Opportunity To Get Connected May Be DelayedOpportunity To Get Connected May Be Delayed  Last month’s first pedestrian death by driverless car will have pushed back the imminence of the autonomous vehicle. Meanwhile, however, connected cars are forging ahead apace. Dublin based Cubic Telecom, one of the leaders in ... Read More
  • 7523rd April 2018Smart Speakers Spark A DebateSmart Speakers Spark A Debate  There is much debate on the Net about the possible impact of smart speakers, such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, on children. There are estimated to be 50 million of these installed in American homes already. If so, that would mean about 35 p... Read More
  • 9323rd April 2018On The Face Of It New Technology Has Some AppealOn The Face Of It New Technology Has Some Appeal  The arrest if a wanted man in China last week raised eyebrows in a number of quarters and triggered some fresh debates about the limits to privacy and to freedom. The man in question came out of hiding to attend a pop concer... Read More
  • 29723rd March 2018Fears Growing On Power Of AIFears Growing On Power Of AI For months, Gmail users have had live demonstrations of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Its Smart Replay functionality shows an uncanny ability to read and understand incoming mails and to suggest possible replies. For instance, if a friend or coll... Read More
  • 32016th March 2018VR Helping With Devastating DisordersVR Helping With Devastating Disorders  Further to last week’s reflections in this column about using Virtual Reality (VR) to tackle fears and phobias, there is also experimentation with its application to more devastating mental health conditions such as schizophrenia, an... Read More
  • 37514th March 2018Virtual Reality May Be Way To Face Your FearsVirtual Reality May Be Way To Face Your Fears There is growing evidence that Virtual Reality can help people face their fears. For those afraid of heights, flying, spiders or whatever threats loom large, popping on a headset could help. Take Mimerse’s Itsy software, for ex... Read More
  • 4457th March 2018Mobile Users Getting A Lot Textra From AppMobile Users Getting A Lot Textra From App  Why would anyone download an SMS text messaging App to their mobile when they all come with one pre-installed? There must be a good answer because over ten million Android users have installed Textra, the most applauded alternativ... Read More
  • 35527th February 2018Robot Cop Cars Could Keep Tabs On DriversRobot Cop Cars Could Keep Tabs On Drivers  The news that ‘smart city’ and ‘driverless cars’ technologies are being merged in a bid to automate traffic policing is unlikely to cheer the average motorist. Ford has been granted a patent by the US Government for an auto... Read More
  • 38316th February 2018Clear Online Bills From Providers Are a Huge PlusClear Online Bills From Providers Are a Huge Plus I made the mistake of checking my online bill from a utilities provider, then deciding to stay with that provider but change the tariff package. I still remember those heady days when a single sheet bill came through your doo... Read More

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