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  • 7415th August 2017Boffins Manage To Fool Driverless Car SoftwareBoffins Manage To Fool Driverless Car Software Scientists at four of the USA’s most respected Universities, led by the University of Washington, published a paper last week that has sobering implications for the future of driverless cars. Whilst players in the motor indust... Read More
  • 1293rd August 2017Time To Get Wise On Bill SplittingTime To Get Wise On Bill Splitting Sharing expenses, depending on those involved, can get extremely awkward. A group going together for a sunny, wine-fuelled weekend away can readily find their trip losing its shine through embarrassments about whether everyone has stumped u... Read More
  • 25421st July 2017Price May Prove Prime Reason For Losing MembersPrice May Prove Prime Reason For Losing Members As this column turned the spotlight on to Amazon’s Echo Look last week, a US-based research outfit was highlighting just how successful the internet giant has been in hooking families into its services. Consumer Intelligence ... Read More
  • 21117th July 2017Amazon Helping You Get The LookAmazon Helping You Get The Look Now, here is an unusual thing. There is a free book available on the Amazon UK website. Its title is The Ultimate Guide to Using Your Personal Robot Stylist. Those who rush to order a copy may act prematurely, because all may not be as it seem... Read More
  • 28910th July 2017Operators Are Using New Technology To Improve Bus AppealOperators Are Using New Technology To Improve Bus Appeal Did you know that this week is national ‘Catch the Bus’ week, highlighting the benefits of using buses and encouraging those who do not normally do so to give them a try? With congestion on the roads getting worse,... Read More
  • 3285th July 2017Alarm Bells Set Ringing By New Snap Maps AppAlarm Bells Set Ringing By New Snap Maps App It is unusual for the police to issue warning about new developments in the IT world, but several forces did exactly that last week after a new version of Snapchat was unleashed. The update included a new feature, called Snap Maps... Read More
  • 33623rd June 2017New App Claims To Be A Wake-Up Call For Sleepy DriversNew App Claims To Be A Wake-Up Call For Sleepy Drivers A new app is on its way that claims to be a step forward in the quest to spot when a driver is nodding off at the wheel and to improve upon existing apps in the market such as Drowsy Driver and Open eyes....... Read More
  • 35219th June 2017New Phone May Well Be EssentialNew Phone May Well Be Essential Ordinarily, it an outfit announced that it was about to launch a new high end Android phone to take on Samsung, LG, Motorola etc, one might just yawn and ask why. The market is stuffed full of good choices already. However, understand that thi... Read More
  • 3609th June 2017Apps To Help You Go With The Flow Over The SummerApps To Help You Go With The Flow Over The Summer June is here, the three peak summer months have begun. Trips to the seaside, in the UK or abroad, are being planned. Beach mats, surfboards, buckets and spades are coming out of the loft and, oh yes, there are apps to downloa... Read More
  • 3958th June 2017Cartoon Character Is No Fun On Your PhoneCartoon Character Is No Fun On Your Phone Do not let Judy anywhere near your Android phone or tablet. That was a warning that emerged this week. It accompanied news that as many 36 million phones might have been infected with the latest malware to be discovered lurking in An... Read More

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