• 55531st August 2018Young Users May Not Save SnapchatYoung Users May Not Save Snapchat  What is the future for Snapchat? The youngest app in the social media circus is popular with young users, but mixed reports this month lead to some serious questions as it fights to assert itself amongst the old timers like Facebook and Tw... Read More
  • 6618th June 2018Face-ing Up To Falling NumbersFace-ing Up To Falling Numbers Signs of decline in Facebook use are coming thick and fast. A recent report from Edison Research into social media usage showed that the number of Facebook users in the USA had fallen back to 2015 levels. This was the latest issue of an annual ... Read More
  • 112314th October 2016Bringing Facebook Into The WorkplaceBringing Facebook Into The Workplace Using Facebook at work would often mean trouble for those caught, as messaging friends is for home time not paid time. But not in the future, it seems, as bosses are encouraged to actually pay for Facebook to be used in the office. Facebo... Read More
  • 197829th April 2016Facebook Faces A Snap DecisionFacebook Faces A Snap Decision Despite frequent rumours that its star is waning, Facebook is still winning the battle of the social media. A report published this month on statista.com shows that on worldwide user numbers, its rivals have a lot of catching up to do. Whilst F... Read More
  • 161128th February 2014Mark’s on a global missionMark's on a global mission Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have been making the industry headlines in the past week or so. Firstly, they splashed out and eye watering $19 billion for WhatsApp and then the cover talked global domination at this years Mobile World Congress in Bar... Read More
  • 191214th May 2012PC PAL tip of the week – social network protectionMany of us love to pop onto Facebook and Twitter to tell our friends and family little snippets of our lives. But (there is always a but) how well do you protect yourself from online criminals and fraudsters? Here is some advice on how to stay secure whilst tweeting and poki... Read More

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