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  • 68717th August 2018Testing Defences Is Getting My VoteTesting Defences Is Getting My Vote This weekend sees the annual convention of hackers in Las Vegas, a gathering of the finest experts at cracking open software code and taking control of our gizmos. You would think that advertising such a conference would be akin to sending... Read More
  • 15865th July 2017Alarm Bells Set Ringing By New Snap Maps AppAlarm Bells Set Ringing By New Snap Maps App It is unusual for the police to issue warning about new developments in the IT world, but several forces did exactly that last week after a new version of Snapchat was unleashed. The update included a new feature, called Snap Maps... Read More
  • 161819th May 2017Ransomware Sends Clear Message: Take Steps To Stop HackersRansomware Sends Clear Message: Take Steps To Stop Hackers Well, what a week. If anyone did not know what ransomware was, they do now. Not to mention that the infection hit some very big name organisations, including Fedex in the US, Telefonica in Spain, Hitachi in Japan and... Read More
  • 141915th April 2016‘Spear Phishing’ Email Con Is Costly For Victims‘Spear Phishing’ Email Con Is Costly For Victims There have been alarming reports this month that the threat of phishing is escalating in severity and sophistication and is even becoming quite expensive for some victims. While most phishing attempts are broadcast mails, ... Read More
  • 14608th February 2016It’s Time To Play Your Part For A Better InternetIt’s Time To Play Your Part For A Better Internet It’s Safer Internet Day next Tuesday and it will see nearly 1,000 businesses, schools, charities and other organisations in the UK join forces with a common goal of promoting the responsible and positive use of digital te... Read More
  • 251227th April 2015Location Of Risk May Be On WebsitesLocation Of Risk May Be On Websites Here is a challenging term to get both tongues and minds around. A study into ‘geo-inference attacks’ has just been published. Researchers at the National University of Singapore have looked at the risks arising from location informati... Read More
  • 252115th April 2015Hotel Hack Shows You Must Be WaryHotel Hack Shows You Must Be Wary A potential new threat to computer security has just been headed off, for now. However, it gives a warning to be vigilant to anyone who uses their laptop on networks in hotels, conference centres and the like. A significant vulnerability was... Read More
  • 17551st September 2014Do You Really Want To Unsubscribe?Do You Really Want To Unsubscribe? Asks Peter Clarke of PC PAL I regularly monitor websites that advise on avoiding fraud when it comes to your interactions with the internet and recently I came across an article from Action Fraud that mirrors some of the things my customers... Read More
  • 15611st July 2014Are You Really Logging In To A Government Website?Are You Really Logging In To A Government Website? asks Peter Clarke of PC PAL In the last month 5 people have been arrested as part of a crackdown on imposter websites that make themselves look like official government sites. They offer ‘services’ for huge fees that yo... Read More
  • 16451st June 2014Concerned Over Gameover Zeus Virus Warnings?Concerned Over Gameover Zeus Virus Warnings? asks Peter Clarke of PC PAL It seems we can’t turn on the TV or pick up a newspaper without a new computer scare being announced. One of the latest headlines, “Is the Gameover Zeus virus about to empty your bank account?” ha... Read More

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