• 87212th October 2018New Smartphone Fight Over Camera PowerNew Smartphone Fight Over Camera Power A new battle is breaking out in the smartphone market as manufacturers strive to outdo each other with on board camera power. Whether this is what the consumer wants, though remains to be seen. No sooner had it become a thing, to pack t... Read More
  • 91624th August 2018Not So Smart Advert For Mobile PhoneNot So Smart Advert For Mobile Phone Sometimes we cannot help chuckling at news of others’ misfortunes. That was certainly the case for me when Huawei was caught cheating in its advertising. In a recent advert for its recently released Nova 3 smartphone, a chap wants to ta... Read More
  • 29104th November 2016Roaming Threat Is Back On The Table As MPs Mind The GapsRoaming Threat Is Back On The Table As MPs Mind The Gaps Back in 2014, the Government did a deal with the four major operators of mobile phone networks. These firms are not delivering and now the Government is threatening to bare its teeth. When the deal was done, Culture Se... Read More
  • 155919th August 2016Smartphones Not So Clever On Sales New Figures ShowSmartphones Not So Clever On Sales New Figures Show There were some interesting figures published when market watchers International Data Corporation (IDC) published analyses of smartphone and tablet sales for this year so far. For the first time since Apple revolutionised t... Read More
  • 132127th May 2016‘Upgrade’ Will Soon Be Thing Of The Past‘Upgrade’ Will Soon Be Thing Of The Past In about a year’s time, a completely new smartphone concept is due to be unleashed on the public. Instead of an “upgrade”, meaning the disposal and replacement of an entire phone, it will involve just removing one part and p... Read More
  • 19564th March 2016Rolling Bot Beats Smartphones To Be Star Of ShowRolling Bot Beats Smartphones To Be Star Of Show As usual, late February saw the movers and shakers of the mobile consumer electronics industry fly off to the weak sunshine and crowded tapas bars of an out-of-season Barcelona to browse the latest in smartphones and other por... Read More
  • 255512th February 2016There’s Value In Having Honor..There’s Value In Having Honor.. A new brand has just arrived in the UK phone market and its entry level model carries the claim of being ‘most affordable premium smartphone of 2016.’ It seems that no-one is arguing because they do appear to pack exceptional value for m... Read More
  • 16815th January 2016Could 2016 Be The Year Big Brother Really Starts Watching Us?Could 2016 Be The Year Big Brother Really Starts Watching Us? According to industry watchers, IT trends will lead us to mould our gnashers around some new and emerging terminology for 2016. First up is the “Device Mesh.” This will reflect a greater integration in the hom... Read More
  • 199710th September 2015Wileyfox Could Be A Name To Watch..Wileyfox Could Be A Name To Watch.. Although not yet released, a new brand of smartphone, targeted at the entry level, is causing a bit of a buzz. It will be of particular interest to those concerned about their privacy. This is the Wileyfox Swift, a new 4G model which boast... Read More
  • 173820th July 2015Microsoft Faces A Tough Future As Strategy FailsMicrosoft Faces A Tough Future As Strategy Fails It became very clear last week how far the market has deserted the old order in the information technology sphere. Microsoft, struggling to find its own direction, effectively killed off the mobile business built up years back... Read More

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